KillerBytes Games

Big Shot Bingo: You‘ve never seen Bingo like this!

★ Its Bingo Time! Looking for a new twist on classic bingo fun? Look no further! Over 15 different game types/bingo patterns, multiple game rooms, Golden ticket currency to use on game boosts like: Auto-Daub, Extra Free Spaces and more! Unlockable Golden Rooms with high payouts!

★ Earn xp & level up as you play, unlocking additional game features and perks along the way!

★ Use your game winnings in the Shop to unlock even more patterns and features!

★ Free daily game cash just for playing!

★ Double XP days every month!


    * Over 15 Different Game Types/Patterns
    * Levels upon levels of XP and Unlockables
    * Shop Items/Perks
    * Game Perks/Boosts
    * Free Daily Game Cash
    * Classic Bingo Fun