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Mathworks: Look ma, learning CAN be fun! Mathworks is a memory game with an educational twist! Choose between four math equations; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to create a brain bending puzzle of mathematical proportions. You can mix and match math symbols with any puzzle size ranging from 12 cards to 24 cards. Tap to flip a card over to reveal an equation or a solution using the numbers 0-12.

The rules are simple. Match the equation to the solution (ex. 9+1 matches with 10).

Keep track of your progress with up to 48 achieveable trophies.

Choose between casual and timed game types. The timed game type starts the clock at 60 seconds. Once a match is revealed, time is added to the clock. It's a race against time to solve each set. Can you handle the pressure, or will you fold under the numerical chaos?

Mathworks is a great brain game to exercise your memory or used as a supplemental teaching aid to reinforce basic equations for children.


    * Math & Memory Exercises
    * App 2 SD
    * Casual and Timed Game Modes
    * 48 Trophy Achievements