KillerBytes Games

Orbz Attack - They’re orbz! And they attack!


  • Tap an empty space next to your orbz to spawn a new orb; or tap an orb to activate a jump move then tap a space up to 2 spaces away to move.
  • Spawning an orb diagonally, vertically or horizontally next to another player’s orbz will cause a flip reaction - and you take control of their orbz.
  • You must make a move if one is available. If no moves are available, it will activate Orbz Attack, spawning the opposing player’s orbz on all the remaining spaces on the board.


  • Overtake your opponents by having the most orbz on the board!
  • Special Moves: As you progress, special moves become available on the board. Spawn an orb on these spaces to activate them and cause various flip reactions to gain an edge on your opponent.
  • Use a Nuke Power-Up to auto-complete levels! The more you win, the more you earn.


    * 3 Game Modes: Arcade, Classic & Free Play
    * 50 Levels in Arcade Mode
    * Unlimited Randomized Levels in Free Play Mode
    * 12 Trophies