KillerBytes Games

Speed of Light is a finger tap frenzy of fun! The objective is simple. There lies a grid of inactive lights. When a light turns on, tap it to turn it off before it disappears! The lights speed increase as the time decreases. Multiple game modes, game types, and game lengths add to the challenge in this amazingly addicting game!

Normal Mode: Tap blue and green lights for points. Avoid the red lights!

Frantic Mode: The same as normal mode, except at a much, MUCH faster pace. Don’t blink, you may miss a light!

Power Mode: The same as normal mode, except with added power lights. The clock light adds time to the clock. The multiplier lights multiply the point values of each light (blue, green and red). The bomb light changes all active lights into either blue, green, or clock lights.

Grit your teeth, squint your eyes and prepare yourself for finger cramping fun!


    * Normal, Frantic & Power Game Modes
    * Several Game Type Options
    * Choose From 60 - 15 Second Rounds
    * High Scores to Challenge Your Friends