KillerBytes Games

Word Grinder: Not enough words to describe how addicting! Powered by over 170,000 words in the English language. You are given 7 tiles from which to create as many words as possible from 3 to 7 letters in length. View the lists of discovered words in alphabetical order to help fill in the holes. Earn stars for discovering words to unlock additional levels! If you get stuck, be creative! You’d be surprised at the number of words you didn’t know.

Tap your way through up to 200 Challenging levels in Arcade mode. High scores and statistics are saved throughout the game. Potentially unlimited games in Free Play mode. The grammatical posibilities are endless!


    *Over 170,000 Words
    *Up to 200 Challenging Levels
    *Unlimited Free Play
    *Saved High Scores & Statistics
    *App 2 SD